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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rich, The Champion Of Liberal Cowards

Once again, I have had the experience of tangling with yet another liberal with no intellectual support for his beliefs and no integrity to boot. How does he cover his ineptness up? Like other liberals I have encountered, this liberal coward has deleted my comments on his blog that expose him for what he is, so that, he can continue to delude himself and his fans as to the validity and superiority of his position.

This particular inhabitant of the liberal blog echo chamber is creative. He has added a new liberal ploy. That is, the tactic of making a post starring your opponent in which you dismiss his viewpoint as irrelevant and declare your victory without ever having to prove your point. And, oh by the way, should he respond by posting comments on your sham post, simply delete his rebuttal, and proclaim him as the first "crazy jackass" that you have ever deleted comments from.

I predict that this is just the beginning for Rich over at He will undoubtedly continue to delete any serious challenge to his flimsy viewpoint from now on. That way he gets to tout his imaginary superior intelligence without ever having to actually prove it.

While Rich may feel smug in his delusional victory, here is the actual exchange that occured.

First Rich's post, and then my response, which he deleted from his blog to protect the giant whole in his position from being exposed.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Honorable Hypocrite.

I've had it. I give up. I'm done.For the last few months, I've tried to engage two conservatives in rational conversation about Iraq, the ACLU, etc. One of them, I've decided, acts as a parrot for the other. So I'm dismissing that dude retroactively. The other has reduced his arguments to "I don't believe you."

As in:

Me: I believe troop strength at the start of the invasion of Iraq should have been 300% the size it was.
Him: I don't believe you actually believe that.

That's a dead end for me. I mean, can you think of a better way to say "Fuck you" than to call someone a liar? I can't. Other than, of course, "Fuck you."

Are we really that polarized? Is there no room for discussion without insults and sarcasm? Increasingly, it seems not. It's sad.

A friend of mine pointed out today how Newt Gingrich is an incredibly smart dude who totally knows his shit... he pointed out that, while in Congress, Newt got caught up in the expediency of throwing bombs instead of working things out. And it worked for him, for a while. But in the end, it did him in.

As a country, we have to stop resorting to saying utterly useless things like "Liberals hate the military." Or "Liberals hate America." Let's talk about individual issues. One at a time.


Love to all. Even you, the honorable hypocrite.
posted by Rich Championable at
3:29 PM 11 comments - post!

And now for the response that he deleted to save his ass:


Well see…this is why neither James nor I can discuss anything with you. You never actually defended your views with any substantive discourse, and in the end resort to name calling and creating an entire post on either of us or both expressing your disgust with us.
I’ve been featured in three such posts. I guess I’m supposed to feel honored?

I’m not sure exactly what an “honorable hypocrite” is. It goes right alongside your nonsensical characterization of me as being guilty of “unfocused derision”, that is it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know about your personal ethics, but honorable is not a word I would tack on to the word hypocrite. And if you ever actually read my blog, it would be instantly clear to you that I am definitely focused on my topic. If by derision you mean mocking and exposing opinions that are wrong, well then I suppose there is some derision present on my blog. But, I can assure you that it is well focused.

It’s not clear in your post who the honorable hypocrite is. Is it James? If so, you have failed to explain just how he is a hypocrite?

I’m going to assume that I must be your so called “parrot” of James’ views that you are dismissing retroactively. Again, here is yet another demonstration that you either don’t understand what that term means, or you are being disingenuous. Kind of like your post where you call yourself the new conservative.

The posts on my blog don’t mirror the posts in James in any particular way. He posts on different things than I do. The common threads between us is that we are politically speaking conservatives who vote Republican, because we know that voting for any third party just throws votes over to the Democrat party, which is predominately liberal in its viewpoint. So, if two people who espouse the same political viewpoint means that one of them is a parrot of the other, then which liberal blogger are you a parrot of?

I suspect that you are dismissing me “retroactively” (whatever that means) because you really don’t have anything you can say to counter my arguments and or prop your viewpoint up. Instead you hide behind labels like “the other’s parrot” and “unfocused derision”. Let’s face it, the times I have responded to you on my blog you never did much more than label me with ambiguous titles, arrogantly proclaim you’ll check back when you see more facts, post a bunch of questions, as if you were issuing me homework, and make disingenuous questions like:

(referring to the Democratic party) “How is it socialist, exactly?”

As if you want me to believe:

you didn’t understand the liberal vision of bigger government, more social programs, more government control over citizens lives (democratic socialism)

you weren’t aware that liberals dominate the Democratic party and its platform.

But as I’ve said, although I have responded to you, you never provide any substantive counterargument, let alone explain what is wrong with my view.

You said:

That's a dead end for me. I mean, can you think of a better way to say "Fuck you" than to call someone a liar? I can't. Other than, of course, "Fuck you."

Maybe this is what you mean by unfocused derision.

So, let me get this straight, if someone dares to call you out on something, they’re screaming “fuck you”? Please, Rich. Are you really that sensitive? Maybe this is a reflection of your values, but they are yours alone.

Whenever someone doesn’t agree with my viewpoint or something I state, “Fuck you” is hardly what I think they are saying. I’m thinking they have a problem with what I have stated and disagree with me. You probably need to get over disagreements with your viewpoint and move along.

You said:

As a country, we have to stop resorting to saying utterly useless things like "Liberals hate the military." Or "Liberals hate America." Let's talk about individual issues. One at a time.Sensibly.

Two questions for you:

Are you really that arrogant, to think that you should serve as the moderator for any of the political banter back and forth in our country?

What do you mean by sensible? Would that be your viewpoint and yours only?

Well, good luck. I’ve wasted more than my fair share of time with you expecting that you were possibly a liberal that I could have a good debate with. I was wrong. You are not what is wrong with those who hold to the liberal viewpoint, you are typical.

Love to all Americans, even you Rich, despite your arrogance.

Where is the love Rich?

The only "jackass" here is Rich. I guess when it comes to actually putting some substance to his liberal form he just couldn't muster it. Instead, he took the despicable coward's way out: delete your opponent's comments and then proclaim him to be a "crazy jack ass". I guess his readers are expected to just take his word that his opponent is a "crazy jack ass". It speaks volumes as to his character.

And so, yet another liberal has exposed himself for what he is. You gotta love it.

What a shame. I thought for a while there that Rich was different. I was wrong.

If for some reason you should crave more of Rich's delusional world of disingenuous political claptrap you can find his site linked in my "Wrong Headed" list.

Politically he is a coward, but you will find some redeeming qualities in him. Especially when it comes to how good of a daddy he is to his little girl, and how much he adores his wife, Maggie, (that is if you can get past his self highlighted propensity to flirt and have crushes on at least two other women within the last year, but don't worry, they became his friends).

Love to you Rich, even if you are a political coward and just can't seem to commit to your wife completely.


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