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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ways To Fight Back Against Illegal Immigration

Are you fed up with the illegal alien situation and those scoundrel employers who hire them and thus keep them coming here illegally, taking jobs from American citizens, and exporting our money out of our country and into theirs?
World Net Daily as an article at their site that offers up some ways you can fight back.

First, there is That’s a site that tracks places that don’t hire illegal aliens, only citizens and those that are here legally. They also encourage people to only do business with these places, and so, boycott the places that hire illegal aliens.

This is not a bad idea. If the American consumer would stop doing business with those who employ illegal aliens, they would either stop employing illegal aliens, or go out of business. Either way, the illegal alien would be forced to go back to their own country where they belong, or seek legal status to live and work here.

Another place to check out is This site tracks those who are employing illegal aliens and serves as a “hall of shame”. According to World Net Daily’s article, the site already has over 1,300 entries in their hall of shame from 43 states. The site also encourages the consumer to boycott these places as well as providing form letters people can send to these employers advising them of the negative repercussions their continued employment of illegal aliens can mean for any volume of sales and profit.

For citizens who want to report illegal aliens directly to the government, there is There is a $10 fee, but the services claims to provide a “simple, fast, and anonymous way to report illegal aliens and illegal employers to the appropriate U.S. government agencies.” If you don’t like the hassles of red tape, it might just be worth the fee. is a site that provides a wealth of information about the illegal alien issue. I like the sites greeting: “Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest” The site even has links to places where you can buy cool merchandise like this:

The bottom line is that even if the federal government isn’t really interested in closing our borders and putting a stop to our illegal immigration problem, the citizens of this country can do something about the illegal immigration crisis we are facing. There’s no need for violence or direct confrontation. If the citizens of this country will stop patronizing businesses who employ illegal aliens to get their products made, or do business with places that do, then those businesses will either die out due to the inability to make enough profit to exist, or will be forced to stop hiring illegal immigrants and start hiring only those workers who are here in this country legally.

Once illegal aliens began to find it impossible to find work here, they will either stop coming here illegally, or they will immigrate here the legal way.

Personally speaking, if they just want to come here for the work, I’d rather they stay in their own country. I’m all for welcoming immigrants from other countries into our country, if they want to come here and be a part of our great country because they love it and look forward to doing their part to make America a stronger better nation.

People who only want to come here for the jobs, owe no loyalty to our country and couldn’t care less about contributing anything to making America better. I’d prefer they stay in their own homeland and work to make their country a better place to live in.


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