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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How Dare You Accuse My Little Angel Of Slander!!!

The ACLU has rushed to the defense of yet another vile action proving once again, that if you are a member of this wicked organization, you might want to consider having second thoughts about what you are giving your money and support to.

In a story found here, the ACLU has once again rushed to prevent the just punishment of a person who has committed a vile act.

From defending adult male pedophiles’ imaginary rights to teach other similar vermin how to abduct innocent young boys and rape them against their will, (NAMBLA), to defending the hate-filled cult of Fred Phelps and his imaginary right to crash funerals of our fallen military, now the ACLU seems to think it is important to defend the imaginary rights of a 14 year old student to portray her teachers on her “My Space” web-site as child predators even though it is not true, and thereby dragging their reputations into the mud and quite possibly endangering their professional careers, all because of the juvenile delinquent’s right to “express herself on the internet”.

Excuse me. I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t there such as a legal term as slander, and aren’t there penal measures to punish it when it presents itself in a court of law? And isn’t this what the girl is really guilty of?

Falsely representing someone’s character in a manner that can cause damage to their reputation is a crime.

Those teachers that this egotistical brat have slandered stand to catch repercussions from her frolic on the Internet that could ruin their professional careers and relegate their years of study and the money and sacrifices spent on getting the credentials to enter their chosen profession into the garbage can.

The school board, at first, sought to punish the girl for her actions, as any sane, right thinking person would expect them to do. But, in steps the ACLU to defend the atrocity.

The result?

The school board’s lawyers convince them that it isn’t worth the long drawn out trail as well as potential six figure monitorial cost of trying to stand up to such a threat to common decency as the great ACLU dragon poses so the school board backed down and the ACLU won the day.

The little brat only had to spend a mere 6 weeks in suspension, (with district paid tutors to help her sorry butt, read tax payers of that area screwed once again by the government) and her parents, perhaps the worst villains in this case, succeeded in demonstrating to their daughter that any time you are upset with someone all you have to do is smear their name and reputation in any way you can and the ACLU will rush to your defense. You will get away with it. Regardless, of whether or not you are in the wrong.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. This speaks volumes about the little tramp's parents. Instead of being upset with her for exposing herself on the internet with her slutty pornographic web cam performance, and being concerned about the danger of the real sexual predators out there who would just love to get their greasy paws all over her body, they instead ran to the ACLU to cover her butt, from the punishment she should have received.

I wonder how quick her parents will be at getting upset if, God forbid, her little sexual show on the Internet, leads to more sexual activity and her ultimately pregnancy. What will they have to say then? Will they recognize that their condoning of their daughters actions via her little protest on her “My Space” account was a major contributing factor to her predicament?

My guess is no. They will probably seek someone else to blame it on.

What can I say?

Once again the ACLU has demonstrated to decent American citizens that they aren’t so much about “freedom of speech” as they are promoting the freedom of to break the law under the disguise of freedom of speech.

I’m not a dues paying member of the Atheist Communist Litigation Union (ACLU), are you?

Hat tip to: Stop The ACLU


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

I'm a dues-paying member of the ACLU.

And without having seen the site, I agree with you on this one. I'm not an expert on slander, but I think there's a big different between "my teacher is a dickhead" and "my teacher is a sexual predator." One is obviously subjective (and irrelevant), the other is speaking to a specific crime.

Please let me clear up your misunderstanding about the ACLU/NAMBLA case. The ACLU was defending NAMBLA against being sued for liability in a murder trial. Their point was: As disgusting as NAMBLA is (the ACLU used the word "vile"), you can't ALSO blame them for a murder, when they don't condone murder.

It's like this: if a bunch of people with NAMBLA pamphlets stole a bunch of tritium to make a fusion weapon, you can't blame NAMBLA.

This doesn't make NAMBLA any less horrific and disgusting.

4:46 AM  
Blogger Clay said...


Point taken as to the distinction made regarding ACLU defending NAMBLA of being accused of murder (although it doesn't take too much thought to see that they were indirectly involved in the situation that resulted in the murder in the first place).

That being said, the question still remains. Why defend such a vile organization in the first place? Like their defense of this school girl, the ACLU seems to have a knack for always defensing the wrong people.

The ACLU is not doing any of us any favors by propping up vile orgainzations such as NAMBLA. There is no way I'd ever throw away my money and support to the ACLU. They don't have American's best intersts in mind. They can't even make responsible decisions regarding which cases are worthy of their support.

So, thanks for the point, but as I see it, we are still back to the fact that the ACLU is an organization of lawyers who constantly back the wrong horse, and are just plain a nusiance that I for one wouldn't mind if they fell apart and went away.

7:20 PM  

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