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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Abu Ghriab Is Too Good For This Pond Scum!

Fox news has reported that a major al Qaeda leader one, Mustafa Setmarian Nasar [try and say that name 10 time fast!] was captured and arrested in Pakistan back in November. This yet more proof that we are not losing the war against the terrorists we are winning. [Most everybody gets it, except for those living in the fantasy world where Osama Bin Laden's capture is all that is needed to silence the terrorists forever.]

I think he should be taken and placed in an internment camp in one of those countries who won't hesitate to use brutal torture. I say full steam ahead with the torture! Whatever it takes to get this blood-thirsty demon possessed vermin to speak.

For those cowards of the appeasment persuasion, I ask you this: at what point does avoiding torture out weigh the prevention of future loss of innocent lives of both our military soldiers as well as civilians?


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