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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The "Ditzy Twits" Open Their Mouth And Get Spanked Again.

Failing Country Music Group, “The Dixie Chicks” are back at it again. You remember them don’t you? The were the ones who embarrassed a lot of us Americans by going over seas and lamblasting our President, proclaiming how ashamed they were of being from the same state, Texas, that President Bush is from. Actually, it was group member Natalie Maines who made the comment. No opposition to other group members have ever been reported, so one can surmise that they were all of one accord. Then they proceeded to be outraged by the unfairness displayed by those in their audience boycotting there music and concerts.

Well they’re at it again. After they got appropriately spanked by the American consumer who disowned them, (which is any American’s right), Maines retracted her disrespectful comments. Now they’ve decided to re-instate the original comment, because Bush hasn’t done any thing to deserve their respect. Was it getting lonely for them living outside of the media spotlight? It must be tough being a media whore.

Only now these idiots are getting appropriately whacked again. You gotta love it.

They want to assert that Bush, a man who stood up and stared down our terrorist enemy and those who offered them aid and convert (like the Taliban) and took the fight directly to them and conquered them and drove Bin Laden and his band of demon-possessed goons into hiding deserves no respect. That is just nothing more than an absurd assertion of complete nonsense. One wonders, do they think that Clinton’s namby-pamby, run to the UN and turn America into a paper tiger approach, (that Bin Laden was counting on initially until Bush proved him gravely mistaken) is what is deserving of their respect?

Let’s see, some one who uses their freedom of Speech to disrespect their nation’s President, especially during war time, and on foreign soil because they are too chicken to make such comments in Texas, and then expect to do so with full impunity, that is no one else has any right to express their opposition to such rudeness, is in a position to define what is deserving of respect? Yeah right. The Country Music industry has responded to them. It is they who deserves no respect. Freedom of speech is for all, not just to uppity little media whores like Natalie Maines. Maybe they should be renamed as “The Ditzy Twits” as some have mocked them. To sabatoge their concert and record sales again is just plain stupid.


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