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Friday, May 19, 2006

An Alternative For Conservatives Disillusioned With George W Bush & The Republican Party.

President Bush's, and for that matter the Republican Party's, lack of willingness to actually stand up to Mexico's President, Viciente Fox, and agree to seal up our country's borders with a wall that rivials the "Great Wall Of China" as well as deport those illegal aliens from Mexico that have invaded our country has added to conservative voter's disillusion with both of them.

However, I think that cooler heads should prevail here.

Instead of throwing our votes away and toward the benefit of Democratic candidates by voting for some third party or, God forbid, voting for a Democrat to punish wayward Republicans, we should all instead vote for new Republican candidates and therefore oust current Republican candidates from office.

Couple that with highlighting the lesson that should be learned by the new incumbants, that failure to come through with campaign promises to their conservative voters means the certain death of their politcal career, and you go along way toward getting Republican politicians to get in line, and stop playing politics, and actually begin to reform and rescue our country from the damage done by the liberal Democrats thus far.

This is the best way to ensure that Washington respects the wishes of its constituency.

Otherwise, it will always be "business as usual" in Washington DC with the Democrats and Republicans sharing cocktails in celebration of their continued political power and yet continuing to fooling the American public on camera with their "staged" opposition to one another on camera.

If we don't get the undivided attention of those politicians in Washington DC right now, we stand to lose our country to the flood of illegal aliens, mostly Mexican, who will sooner or later be the majority and change our nation's language, culture, and Constitution.

We just might one day wake up to find ourselves "Greater Mexico." [and you think Ozzy Osbourne pissing on The Alamo was a disgrace!]

It will then be too late to save our great American culture.

And it will be because we refused to hold our politicians in Washington DC responsible.

I guess TV shows like "American Idol" and "Lost" are more important right now.

But, I sure hope not!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're dead right, and that's well said. Just because I don't like what Bush has become doesn't mean I'm going to run out and vote for Hillary. I'm looking for real conservatives...

3:38 PM  

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