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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oye! Hombre! Tu No Tienes Ningun Derecho A Los Beneficios De Los Estados Unidos

The usual concern stated regarding the state of both our open borders and the alarming flow of illegal aliens into our country is one of Homeland Security and the threat that blood thirsty, crazed, demon-possessed, Islamo-Facist, jihadists pose to our National Security, and of course that is right and continues to be the main threat. But, what needs to be also addressed is the millions of illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, who are here illegally and reaping the financial benefits of being here illegally and sending their financial harvest back home.

A story in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicler, found here reports the following chilling findings: roughly 10 percent of Mexico’s population of approximately 107 million are now living here illegally. Roughly, 15 percent of Mexico’s workforce are now living here. Basically, one out of every 7 Mexican workers have managed to sneak into our country illegally and are enjoying the benefits of living and working in America.

Many show no interest whatsoever in becoming American citizens, they just impose themselves into our communities and take away American jobs and American money that they funnel back home to their families back in Mexico. When these parasites have taken enough from us they will go back to their country to live off of what they managed to take away from American citizens as well as those here in this country on legal work visas.

This travesty is bordering on an invasion of our country that must be stopped. It continues to shock and enrage me that our government is ignoring the wishes of the majority of its citizens to seal up our borders now and then begin deporting the illegal aliens here living off the fat of the land. No amnesty. Boot him out as we find them. They are illegally so they can’t stay. They are not above American law.

What should happen is the people should turn out in record numbers at the next voting opportunity and vote every politician who is ignoring them, ignoring the blatant threat to our National Security by continuing to ignore our open borders, and the unfairness of the whole illegal alien situation right out of public office and replace them with politicians who are willing to make constituent’s wishes their sole priority. That is what should happen, but, alas, America’s voting population continues to demonstrate that it is mired down in apathy and no longer cares enough to be heard.

The bottom line for those leeches that are here illegally is that if you want to enjoy the benefits you can get from American jobs and American money, come here and become an American the legitimate way. Become a US citizen. Blend in to our great melting pot and embrace our values and our way of life. Otherwise, get out and stay out. You are not entitled to American benefits if you are not an American. Only Americans are entitled to them.


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