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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Possible Response To The Audacity Of Osama Bin Laden's Demands

I heard on the radio and on TV that a message purportedly from Osama Bin Laden has surfaced. No new video, just audio. In it, Osama expresses his surprise in the death of Abu Mosab Zarqawi, who in his twisted mind is a martyr and to be praised for the macabre murders he orchestrated in the name of their demon god and their unholy jihad. Then Osama goes on to demand that President Bush release his body and send it back home to Palestine to Zarqawi's family so that he can have a proper martyr's funeral.

The idea of President Bush even considering the demands of a blood thirsty, demon-posessed barbarian like Osama bin Laden would be laughable if it weren't such an outrage. I mean, here's a guy who has orchestrated the murder of thousands of innocents daring to lecture the president of a country who has sacrificed its young men and women in conflicts to rescue Bin Laden's fellow Muslims in peril.

The way I see it, Bush has two possible responses. His first option is to respond to Osama bin Laden, assuming this message is really from him, and inform Osama that in no way is he in any position to demand anything from America, and then proceed with the cremation of Zarqawi's carcass.

Or he could send an even stronger message to Osama and his terrorist minions. He could have a grave dug and then have several pig carcasses disemboweled and pour their guts into the grave. Then toss the Zarqawi's corpse into the grave to rest on top of the swine guts. Then pour the pigs' blood all over Zarqawi's carcass. Then, as a last touch, disembowel more pigs and dump their guts all over the top of Zarqawi's corpse. Then top of the grave with dirt.

A tombstone could be placed on the grave declaring something along the lines of:

"Here lies one of Satan's useful idiots. This is the best place for him and the American military is glad that it could do their part in sending him to his appointed judgment before God."

This should all be video taped and aired all over the Internet and news media.

Then, Osama Bin Laden would get the appropriate answer to his arrogant demands.

But, this is just my take on the situation.


Blogger mindflame said...

I don't think that will help much but I suppose it may have some therapeutic, and possibly cathartic value. Would you like to carry this out personally?

9:06 PM  
Blogger Clay said...


I disagree with you. It would send a really strong PSYOP message to those hot-heads. As for whether or not I want to carry this out personally:

First. Why? Can you arrange it?

Second. The strength of the PSYOP message would be lessened if it were carried out by a nobody like me. The message would be better served if it were carried out by a representative of the government.

Third, these vermin only understand violent force. Anything else is viewed as weakness and enboldens them all the more to attack what they perceive to be weakness.

Why? Are you proposing giving in to what Bin Laden demands in hopes that such appeasement will placate him and his organization of murderous thugs?

9:19 PM  

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