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Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Step In Democrat Tea Party Plan With Osama Bin Laden: Cut And Run!

Liberals, as well as some democrats, would have Americans believe that we are caught in a quagmire in Iraq in a no win situation. Americans soldiers are being killed for the sole reason that the Bush Administration is too bull headed and won’t admit that it is time for a change in our course of action in Iraq. Just what new course of action are they suggesting we adopt? They are urging us to “cut and run” before it’s too late.

Not only should we have never entered Iraq in the first place, our very presence in the Middle East is simply stirring up a hornet’s nest of Islamic terrorists who are going to target us with threats of violence as long as we are in their territory, threatening and impeding their goal of conquest of the Middle East in the name of their brand of radical Islam. That’s right. You see for liberals, all we have to do is withdraw our troops from Iraq and the Middle East, bring them home and “let bygones be bygones” and al Qaeda will in turn, leave us alone.

Of course there are some moonbats from the loony left who rejoice when American soldiers die, because in their warped view, their deaths only serve to make Bush look bad. Besides, they don’t view American soldiers as soldiers, but rather as mercenaries, who are hired by Bush to do his evil bidding. They are more than happy for American soldiers to lose their lives, so long as it’s for the good cause of making Bush and Rumsfeld look bad. For these idiots, the annihilation of cities like, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas via Islamo-Fascist terrorists is of no consequence. At least it makes Bush look bad.

And that is what it is all about for these sore losers. They don’t care about 9/11. They don’t care about eradicating the barbarian, Islamic terrorist scum from the face of the earth so that there can be peace. They only care about getting even with George W. Bush. No matter what the cost. It doesn’t matter how many troops die. It’s not important to them how many innocent American citizens die. It’s all “Bush is Hitler!” for these depraved parasites of our American society.

Liberals are partly correct. Osama Bin Laden and his army of demon possessed hate mongers are angry that America has a presence in their part of the world. One of their goals is to most certainly expel us from their lands. However, liberals aren’t telling the whole truth.

What they have conveniently left out of their fantasy proposal for peace between America and al Qaeda is the fact that Osama Bin Laden and the rest of the adherents of the philosophy of Radical Islam are at war in a holy jihad against infidels. Other than Israel, Western Civilization is the target of their “holy hatred”. In particular their bloodthirsty rage is aimed at the crown jewel of Western Civilization, the United States of America.

For decades, they have denounced America as being “The Great Satan”. After all, the immoral filth running out of Hollywood and being spread all around the world is a U.S. export. They see American woman dare to walk around uncovered, some scantily clad instead of shrouding themselves in burkas, sexually tempting innocent men, and even shamelessly speaking their minds without male permission. Therefore, they are a bunch of whores that are spreading immorality and they are an insult to Allah and the holy religion of Islam. Additionally, they see American men imbibe alcohol; eat pork and other things offensive to Allah. They also see the export of American culture across the world as a serious threat to the type of culture they seek to impose upon the world. Therefore, we are a target sanctioned by Allah and their holy jihad against sin and corruption in Allah’s world.

So, even if we had never entered Saudi Arabia, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, they still would have targeted us for destruction! Cutting and running now will change nothing in terms of al Qaeda’s mission to destroy America. Let’s consider what cutting and running and abandoning the new fledgling democracy of Iraq would do.

Liberals like to claim that we are only making the Islamic terrorists madder at us the longer we stay in Iraq. Well there is another side to the American military presence in Iraq coin to examine. What would happen if we gave in to the liberal appeasers?

First, al Qaeda, and all of those radical Islamo-Fascists who are in agreement with their twisted view point would quickly topple the new Iraqi government in a bloody coup and indiscriminately murder any Iraqis who in any way even looked like they would oppose their rule. They wouldn’t save Saddam Hussein. They would have him executed swiftly, along with the remnants of his following. Saddam and his fellow Ba’athist thugs would be seen as a possible threat to their holy plan.

Then they would establish a truly, fully terrorist nation that in its entirety burned with hatred for America and Western Civilization. Now it wouldn’t just be al Qaeda that had murderous eyes for the U.S. Those Iraqi citizens who were lucky enough not to be slaughtered by Bin Laden’s invaders would now burn with deep hatred for America. They would go to bed each night, never forgetting their betrayal by a country who tricked them into believing that it had their best interests at heart. There would be no recourse left for them now other than to join al Qaeda with all of their hearts and minds and pledge themselves to the goal of getting revenge upon America. Recruits eager to enter the terrorist, al Qaeda army would over-overflow in numbers.

Not only would Iraq be a terrorist nation, but other terrorist nations would be more than willing to assist them with their war against America. Iran, Syria, Libya (Muammar Qadhafi would execute a complete 180 now that mealy-mouthed democrats were calling the shots) would all offer their help to the destruction of America and then Europe and any other nation who refused to bow to the slavery of Islam (which by the way means “submission”).

The democrats’ plan to cut and run from Iraq would also send a message to all nations and peoples of the world that the lone super power of the world is a paper tiger. America doesn’t have the resolve it takes to stand up to evil. America will run and hide from barbarous, backwards, 7th century thugs. Bottom line: you can’t count on America; she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

But, the absolute worst message that would be communicated, should America follow the liberal agenda regarding Iraq and our war against Radical Islam, would be the stinging announcement to the parents, widows, brothers, sisters, friends and fellow soldiers that the loss of each and every American soldier, both male and female, was all for nothing. To the wounded, those who lost limbs, sight, etc. and are struggling to recuperate from their loss, their sacrifice was in the end all for nothing. Because in the end it was the arrogant, cowardly left who won the day.

It’s a real good thing that both of the democrat “cut and run” bills died in Congress today.

The Democrat Party offers no strategy for the War Against Terrorism, other than peace signs and flowers inserted into gun barrels. When election time arrives, just remember this isn’t 1966 and this war isn’t the Viet Nam War. This is 2006, and we are in a war of much more dire importance to our freedom and way of life. The consequences surrounding our success or failure in this war are deadly serious. If we fail in this endeavor, our enemy will ensure that American streets will flow with innocent blood, just as the streets of Israel do.

Which response to the task of our National Security would you prefer: peace symbols, flowers and cowardly appeasement, or America’s sleeves rolled up and fists clenched ready to face our threat head on?

For some of us, it’s a no brainer.


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