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Monday, June 05, 2006

Banning "Gay Matrimony" Constitutionally? Is That Really A Good Idea?

Ok. Personally, as both a Christian and a political conservative, I don’t like the idea of “marriage”, “matrimony”, and “gay”, or “homosexual” in the same sentence. But, I have to disagree with Congress’ attempt to amend our Constitution so that it bans such a horrid concept from ever happening. I believe that this is a matter of State’s Rights and the Federal Government has no business being involved. In fact, in my opinion, the Federal Government has managed to ignore its constitutional boundaries and push beyond them enough during the last half of the last century up to now and definitely needs to be stopped from further encroachment on its citizens’ freedoms once and for all before dire consequences are paid by citizens of this great country!

Personally, I think that if the word “matrimony” is to be used regarding the union of homosexuals it should be preempted with the word “unholy” at best, or just referred to as a “civil union”. “Marriage” and “matrimony” in healthy societies mean the union of male and female, with their procreativity that results in families an essential foundation of society in general.

The notion of the possibility of homosexual matrimony, which produces no families, and therefore, offers no contribution to society’s furtherance, opens up the potential for a host of many other matrimonies detrimental to society’s health and future such as, matrimony of human and animal, adult and child etc.

However, having said this, (and I am fully aware that I have just invited every leftist out there in “blogsphere” the opportunity to broadcast their “far superior” open acceptance to the “poor downtrodden in our society” to chime in), I believe that my opinion should take a back seat to the opinions of all citizens of the states in this country.

Like the abortion debate, while I see it as usually being just an excuse to use murder to cover up irresponsibility, (and yes I know that there are theoretical exceptions, stress the word “theoretical”), it is still not my wish to impose my religious and moral beliefs on every other citizen in our country.

I may be a Christian, but I would never support any movement that wished to force the views I espouse on every one else. I love the fact that we are a free, pluralistic society. I want to keep it that way. Our society needs protection from zealous Christians, zealous Jews, zealous Hindus, zealous Buddhists, zealous Wiccans, zealous Pagans, zealous Muslims, and even zealous Humanists.

Therefore, I think issues like “Gay Marriage” and “Abortion” should be left up to States’ votes. If I don’t like the outcome, I can always leave that State and choose to go and live in a State that supports my point of view, (are you listening liberals, yeah you, Alec Baldwin, you Dixie Chicks).

What Congress is doing right now is more than likely just producing a “Dog and Pony Show” designed to fool ignorant voters into believing in them and voting for them next election. It is highly doubtful to me that this amendment will ever go anywhere beyond the Congress in the first place.

So, while I am a conservative, I really can’t stand beside Bush and Congress on this one. After all, there are a lot more serious issues we need to face as a nation such as border security and putting an end to those who would spit in the face of immigrants who come here legally by disregarding our laws and sneaking into our country illegally and stealing our money.

It’s a real shame that we are a two party system and I only have the Republican Party as my option as a conservative. [For those who might mistake my position as being an adherent to the Libertine…. I mean, Libertarian Party, I would say you couldn’t be further from the truth. I do believe that the Federal Government has a role to play, it’s not all about the States every time. However, the Constitution provides the boundaries for it and it should be trimmed back down to size.] Otherwise, I would probably vote for a party that represented the Constitution and its guidelines.


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