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Sunday, September 25, 2005

When You Give Terrorists What They Want, They Demonstrate Their Appreciation By Trying To Kill You

For those out there who are just sure that the appeasement route is the best way to bring about peace, look what happens when you try to be civil with bloodthirsty, Islamo-fascists.

Despite warnings from former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon thought that he just gave the Palestinians the Gaza Strip, they would disband their terrorists groups, put away their rockets and weapons and "play nice".


GAZA (Reuters) - Israel launched a new strike on the Gaza Strip and arrested more than 200 suspected militants in the West Bank on Sunday as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered the army to use any means to stop rocket salvoes from Gaza.

The worst surge in violence since Israel's pullout from Gaza on September 12 after 38 years of occupation threatened a shaky ceasefire and put Sharon under pressure as he tried to defeat a rightist leadership challenge over the withdrawal.

Sharon ordered the army to do whatever it saw fit after his inner cabinet approved a resumption in assassinations of top militants, suspended in February, and gave a green light for troops to shell Gaza to stop attacks.

"We don't intend here to stage a one-time action, but intend to carry out a continued action, whose aim is to hurt the terrorists and not to let up," he told ministers.

Looks like they aren’t going to "play nice" after all. Let the battle against the terrorists resume. Here is the response to Israel’s act of self-defense from the snakes that head up the Palestinian terrorist state:

Palestinian leaders accused Israel of trying to wreck hopes of reviving peace talks that were kindled by the Gaza pullout.

President Mahmoud Abbas said that if Sharon had ordered the army to use full force it meant: "He doesn't want peace, or security, or negotiations."

Of course, the situation is just spiraling into more bloodshed and violence:

The latest spiral of violence intensified when a blast on Friday killed 16 people at a Hamas rally in Gaza. One of the victims, a 12-year-old boy, died of his wounds on Sunday.

Hamas blamed Israel and militants fired at least 40 rockets into the Jewish state in response, though Israel denied responsibility and the Palestinian Authority said it appeared to be an accident caused by Hamas members carrying explosives.

Hamas vowed revenge for the latest Israeli strikes and raids. Spokesman Mushir al-Masri said the violence could "open the doors to hell." Hamas leaders would take extra precautions against Israeli attacks, he said. Hamas has so far largely abided by a truce that Abbas agreed with Israel in February and which helped smooth the Israeli pullout from Gaza.

As well as condemning the Israel strikes, Abbas has also strongly criticized militants for keeping explosives in built-up areas, calling their actions a "massacre."

As a result of Sharon’s wrong-headed approach to the bloodthirsty Islmo-facist neighbors, he may just find himself ousted from office. Smart Israelis are finally getting tired of his appeasement approach to peace.

Silly leftist never learn. You can’t "play nice" with bloodthirsty, demon-possessed, Islamo-fasist terrorist whose main mission in life, aside from wasting oxygen, is to slit your throat, and the throats of all of your people, and then wash their feet in your blood chanting gleefully "Allah Akbar!"

It’s time for Israel to take back the Gaza Strip and drive those Palestinian hotheads further into the desert. Oh, and of course, it is their duty to all of mankind kill each and every one of the terrorist vermin along the way.

Even those peaceniks who are level headed out there would surely admit that Israel did try. They certainly can’t be blamed now for doing what it takes to defend themselves from these murderous Palestinians and their gang of terrorists.


Blogger Lizze said...

Peaceful solutions don't work and reason doesn't work either - if it did everything would have sorted by now.

The non-terrorist followers of Islam don't weed out their own bad ones either, which makes them equally responsible of the terrorist actions.

The families of the London bombers are playing the media game big time and the moment they are un-covered words of brainwashed etc is pouring out their months. Nobody in their communities knew, except for the 4 London bombers, that something was on the cards – YEAH RIGHT. They are closing ranks big time.

The tabloid The Sun must have paid loads of £££ to the widow of one of the bombers – is that morally right????
Here is a neutral article of what she had to say:

2:57 PM  

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