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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Truth? We Don't Need No Stinking Truth!

If was an respectable organization that was interested in the truth they would folded up and moved on a long time ago. But, no. They peddle in hatred and lies. Definitely not good American qualities.

While the rest of the nation is trying to grieving the terrible disaster that hurricane Katrina left along the Gulf Coast, volunteering their time, and reaching deep into their pockets to send help to the many victims who have lost homes, loved ones, is using this terrible tragedy as an opportunity to spout out their tired, "Bush Is Hitler" message.

According to a story found here, paraded around three victims of hurricane Katrina outside the White House last Thursday in support of their "it’s all Bush’s fault" claptrap.
If you think "Bush is Hitler" is a stupid slogan check out some of the idiotic slurs against Bush that they made at their little protest, as well as the lies they shamelessly pollute the air around our nation’s Capital with.

Here are some highlights from the article: presented three survivors of Hurricane Katrina to the media outside the White House Thursday to draw attention to the group's ongoing criticism of the Bush administration.

About 100 supporters of the liberal political group descended on Pennsylvania Avenue and spent most of their time blaming the president for the allegedly slow local, state and federal response in New Orleans; and, indirectly, for the failure of the city's levees.

Idiocy example number one: Blame the slow response from state and local governments on President Bush.

One woman who stopped to show her support for President Bush received a loud and emotional rebuke from a protester.

New Orleans residents Iona Renfroe, Michelle Augillard and Christine Mayfield recounted their stories of surviving the storm and described the lack of assistance they received in the aftermath. Each criticized the federal government without addressing accusations of early failures by local and state officials.

Hmm... let's see,'s showcase victims each one by one sing the same blame the federal government tune, while conveniently not mentioning the state and local governments roles. Sounds to me like their "testimony" is actually nothing more than propaganda. I wonder how much each "victim" got paid.

Renfroe, a New Orleans attorney, claimed that there has been "absolutely no response by the federal government ... absolutely nothing has been done."

Nothing says "feel sorry for my plight" more than issuing a bald faced lie as part of your testimony.

Here's the simple refutation of Renfroe's b s:

According to the Department of Homeland Security, as of Tuesday, the federal rescue effort involved more than 71,000 personnel and has resulted in more than 45,000 rescues, including 23,000 by the U.S. Coast Guard. Approximately 273,000 citizens had been evacuated and two-thirds of them are still being housed in 550 federally-organized shelters around the country. Federal authorities had gathered and distributed 11.3 million military "Meals Ready to Eat" and 18 million liters of drinking water.

Tom Matzzie, Washington director of Political Action, also focused his criticism on the Bush administration, calling the federal response to Hurricane Katrina "a national disgrace."

What looks like incompetence by the president and his appointees is actually something worse," Matzzie claimed. "This is what government looks like when it is in the hands of people who don't believe in government, who want to privatize, who want to cut back and reduce the ability of the government to serve its people."

Oh, I see. If only we had a more communist/socialist form of government, all of the hurricane victims' problems would have been solved. Matzzie would have us to believe that the the bigger the government, the bigger the beauracracy, the more the red tape the faster the response.

If you sign up for's cause, and vote for liberal democrats to take over offices in the federal, state, and local government that is precisely what you will get. You will get a government response that will be 10 times slower and efficient countered by commercials on TV praising the speed of the liberal government's quick response round the clock.

Mattzie also blasted President Bush for comments suggesting that state and local officials share in the responsibility of preparing for and responding to natural disasters."

Now Matzzie is blasting President Bush for stating how our government of our Representative Democracy actually works. We aren't the communist/socialist nation that he and his gang of ingrates wish wer are and are tyring to establish. The only thing Matzzie is blasting: is how much of an ignorant moron he is.

He and his team don't want an effective government that can protect people who work hard and pay taxes," Matzzie continued. "Instead, they want to give huge tax breaks to wealthy Americans. The result is that there is no effort left, or there is no ability left for the government to respond to the needs of its citizens, especially in times of crisis."

Another idiotic, bald faced lie from Matzzie. So how did the federal government provide the help cited above in the article's refutation to victim Renfroe's lie if there wasn't any federal money left because it was distributed to the wealthy in the form of tax breaks? How does the government even function if it's broke?

This is a common liberal tactic. Make up accusations, no matter how absurd and baseless, and then use these accusations to make it look like your side even has a legitimate point to raise.

Clarice McMillan, of Alexandria, Va., was standing about 25 feet behind the protesters holding a small, hand-written sign that read, "Support the president and love the people." She had been there for only a few minutes when she was confronted by a screaming supporter."

Damn you! Supporting the president's great, but supporting the people and the Constitution is more important," the unidentified woman screamed at McMillan. "The Constitution and the babies who died is [sic] more important than any president and you know that in your heart."

Another supporter pulled the now crying woman away, telling her, "Don't make this the event." Other protesters criticized members of the media for videotaping the confrontation and interviewing McMillan, who said she understood the verbal assault."

Well, she was upset. She was just upset. It's okay, I can understand that people get emotional," McMillan said. "I want the people to get help, but I don't think this is the time for blame and criticism or the time for to take advantage of this." supporters continued to heckle members of the press and interrupt McMillan as she explained why she lodged her one-woman counter-protest."

I think we all need to be supporting our president. Not only our president, but the other people who work for him," she said. "He's not the only one in the government to be blamed for anything ... just to blame one person, to me, that isn't right."

I support the president," McMillan concluded. "I don't say that he does everything right, but nobody does, you know?"

Wow it sure is a good thing these sheep are calm, tolerant people that are open to debate... no wait a minute...they're not. They behave just like all of the rest of the liberal peacenics in this country...with incivility and irrational angry rants.

Speaking with Cybercast News Service after the event, Matzzie implied that cuts by the Bush administration might have been responsible for the breaching of New Orleans levees."

The administration, OMB (Office of Management and Budget) cut out of the budget, what was it, $71 million in funding for the levee upgrades in Louisiana. OMB is a function of the White House, the OMB director reports to the White House," Matzzie said. "And, that money could have been used to upgrade the levees."

Yet another lie out of Matzzie's mouth. He sure does have a difficult time with the truth.

But records Cybercast News Service obtained from the U.S. Senate's Energy and Water Development Subcommittee paint a different picture. According to an analysis of funding for Corps of Engineers projects from fiscal years 2001 through 2005, Louisiana was the top recipient of funding in the country, getting $1.9 billion of the Corps' $22.9 billion budget.

The three Corps flood control projects surrounding New Orleans received a total of $391 million in direct funding during that five-year period.

Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), believes there was more than enough money to correct any deficiencies in the levee system, even without funding the Corps of Engineers. But, in his opinion, much of the money was wasted.

The group also notes that on Jan. 9, 2000, the Washington Post said the waterway "still carries less than 0.1 percent of the commercial traffic on America's government-run river transport system - even though it receives a remarkable 3.4 percent of the system's federal funds."

The list of projects CAGW considered wasteful also included $2,000,000 for a "sugar-based ethanol bio-refinery" at Louisiana State University; and $500,000 for "alternative fuel plant construction" in Livingston Parish.

CAGW is asking members of Congress to sign a
pledge not to add extraneous funding to federal relief bills for hurricane victims. Four members of Congress had signed the document as of Thursday. Another eight had expressed their intent to take the pledge, but had not yet returned a signed copy to the CAGW offices.

So much for Matzzie lie that there was lack of funding, and that it was Bush's fault. should change their name to I don't see how any reasonable thinking person would associate with this group of loud mouthed losers.

However, if you:

* Believe lying to get what you want accomplished is a valid tactic.

* Believe that shouting your fantasy of what you want reality to be over and over and over again, will eventally cause reality to magically change and conform to your wishes.

* Believe that this country would be much better off if it scrapped its Constitution and converted itself into a communist/socialist type of government subservient to the will of the European nations.

* Missed the glorious sixties but look up to those bunch of pot smoking hippies, and you think Abbie Hoffman was a true patriot, and you believe that you are demonstrating "love for your country" by waving a picket sign and screaming out insults and lies until you lose your voice.

* Are incapable of critical thought and rely on others to decide where you stand on issues.

Then you are a definite candidate for membership into (aka


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