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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is Katrina Punishment From Allah For The Great Satan, America?

Or, is this a perplexing conundrum that challenges the Koran?

Another ungrateful citizen from a nation that America rescued from the jaws of a cruel despotic threat, has entered the journalistic club of those who blame the carnage and destruction of hurricane Katrina on America itself.

One Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlafi, who is the director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment’s research center has stepped forward and insinuated that the hurricane Katrina was hurled at America by the very hand of Allah. You know Allah don’t you?

He’s the god of those peaceful Muslims dwelling in America, Great Britain and other countries around the world, who only speak up when a terrorist attack has happened, and then, only to warn the people of the country that they are living in, that there could be unjust consequences of retribution against them because of the terrorist attack or atrocity, (but no actual declaration of anathema against the terrorists themselves).

He’s also the god of the demon possessed, bloodthirsty, murderous terrorists, who proclaim boldly that sawing the heads off of their captive, the murder of countless innocent civilians, (elderly, women and children) via homicide/suicide bombers is the will of their god.

Muhammed has published an article entitled: "The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah, But Not an Adherant of Al-Qaeda". There are excerpts from his "masterpiece" quoted here.

Muhammed is either a good man who is in the beginning moments of sincere doubts about what his religion’s teachings in the Koran really mean, or he is a terrorist sympathizer who is using spin and "false sympathy" for America to hide his actual venomous vitriol in. If that is the case he is yet another example of a despicable, ungrateful citizen of a country that would be a slave to a cruel madman if not for America.

Check out what he says, and decide which he is yourself.

As for me, if he is the former, a sincere doubter, then he has overlooked the obvious possibility that hurricanes and other natural disasters aren’t "sent by God" but rather just a part of life. God, however, weeps with those who weep and is always there to comfort and strengthen those who pass through tragedy who turn to Him.

If he is the latter, a terrorist sympathizer, then he is no better than the demonic terrorist vermin he is defending, (as a coward behind ambiguous words). A coward indeed, just like the terrorists that he is defending.


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