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Friday, September 09, 2005

Yo Man! Bush Be A Klansman Who Controls Hurricanes!

Boy is this guy dumb.

As if it wasn’t bad enough the first time rapper Kanye West opened his mouth and exposed himself as the irrational racist, (oops! I apologize for the oxymoron), that he is on national TV. According to a story found here, West has opened his mouth again and spewed forth more racist nonsense. This time on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime chat program.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

West insisted Bush and other politicians knew America's Gulf Coast couldn't withstand a hurricane a year before Katrina hit.

He said, "Back in the days when it was time to clean the kitchen I would try to sweep the dust under the kitchen sink instead of really taking care of it, and if you spilled something on that floor all that dust came right up in front of your face. That's basically what the flood did.

"They have been trying to sweep us (African-Americans) under the kitchen sink and it was so in people's faces and so on TV... that they couldn't even hide it any more.

"Down there, people are living below the poverty level to start off with, before this happened.

"A year ago I was on tour with Usher and we had a hurricane hit Florida and everybody was saying, 'If this hurricane went to Louisiana, if it went to Mississippi, they wouldn't be able to handle it.' (That was) a year ago - and there was nothing done about it."

I’m not sure about the veracity of West’s accusation that Bush personally knew about problems that the Gulf Coast might have with a hurricane a year before Katrina hit. In fact, it’s not clear that anyone felt that the Gulf Coast wouldn’t be able to handle a hurricane a year before Katrina hit.

Let’s see, the Gulf Coast has had a long history of weathering hurricanes. Why all of a sudden, the accusation that the people of the Gulf Coast would be unaccustomed to what life is like when a hurricane comes?

Is Mr. West suggesting that President Bush knew that Katrina was coming up to a year in advance?

What a load of malarkey!

Neither President Bush, nor Governor Blanco, nor Mayor Nagin knew that Katrina was coming and so they didn’t have the luxury of having a year to prepare for the arrival of hurricane Katrina. They also didn’t have the knowledge that Katrina would be as strong a hurricane as she was, and further more, none of these people knew that Katrina would hit New Orleans.

Kanye West not only exposes his racist tendancies, but also, perhaps evidence that he is a paranoid schizophrenic. Is their a psychiatrist in house?

Yeah, right Mr. West. Bush is so devout in his hatred for black people that he ordered hurricane Katrina into existence and directed her path straight towards New Orleans. After all, we all know that only black people live in New Orleans. In fact only black people live in Mississippi, and Alabama, (the other areas that Katrina destroyed). Everyone knows no white people live anywhere in the south!

Not only is Kanye West a racist, he’s also an idiot. He has every right to spew out his racist hatred every time he finds a microphone in his hand and a camera in his face. On the other hand, those who are wise to his game have every right to expose him as the racist that he is, mock him, and then ignore him.

Here we are with a major tragedy on our hands and Kanye West could care less. He is more concerned with convincing people that our President caused this tragedy, all based on West’s racist fantasy that Bush is a Klansman who can’t sleep at night until he finds a way to wipe all black Americans off of the face of the earth.

Maybe if Kanye West would actually reach out and help the black victims of hurricane Katrina, he would find himself too busy to invent such ludicrous conspiracy theories. But of course, that is unreasonable. After all, you can’t really expect a gansta want to be rap star to actually put his money where his mouth is can you?


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