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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Rest of the "Ugly Americans"

There’s another way to look at the anti-war protesters in this country. After reading about some of the comments that this group of misguided, useful idiots of the left have made today at their shameful protest at the nation’s capital , (on a day when yet another hurricane threatens the livelihood of fellow Americans), here, it occurred to me that these are the "ugly Americans" that we here often hear about from citizens of European nations.

"Ugly Americans" are those Americans overseas, either on vacation, or working in country who start fights in bars proclaiming the superiority of being an American over that of being a citizen of whatever country that they happen to be visiting in.

"Ugly Americans" are those Americans who, prior to WWII, didn’t think we should get involved in Hitler’s threat to Europe. These Americans were isolationists who could care less about the horrible plight of millions of Jews in Hitler’s gas chambers and concentration camps. In fact, these are the Americans who were more than happy to make a boat of Jewish refugees seeking safe asylum in the U.S. from Hitler’s torture chambers turn around and go back toward the hideous fate awaiting them rather than "soil our shore with these people".

Thank goodness the good Americans out numbered the selfish ugly Americans. Those good Americans who are often refered to today as "America's Greatest Generation" were willing to pay the sacrifical cost necessary to ensure the liberty of the nations of Europe and the destruction of the Nazi threat to their freedom.

Fast forward to today.

Cindy Sheehan, along with the rest of the useful idiots who marched in protest today at the nation’s capital, represent those "ugly Americans" who would much rather American troops cut and run back to their mommies, and leave the recently freed men, women and children of Iraq to the mercy of the crazed remnant of the brutal Baath Party and the bloodthirsty terrorist insurgents among them.

In the end, the left is not really about "human rights". In the end, the left is not really about human dignity at all. In the end, for the left, the poor devastated people of Iraq can be readily sacrificed in order to spite their enemy, George W. Bush. After all, who cares about the freedom and safety of men, women and children who aren't Americans, right?

The liberal position is the position of the "ugly American".

I’m not an "ugly American."

Are you?


Blogger Lizze said...

I am a Londoner (European). My opinion is that the war/invasion started on a lie from Mr Blair but at the time I trusted that he was sufficiently informed of the situation. Today, I do not have this trust in him after his lies has been exposed.

The war has evolved to another war that is being a fought today. UK has committed to liberate / help / build up Iraq and leave cold turkey is not an option. However, the UK and the US has stirred up bad things and in a way just giving the recruiters for new terrorists the perfect arguments.

I think the way out is to continue the build up of Iraq under a proper (difficult to define exactly what this would be, I know) UN mandate with several countries carrying the burden.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Clay said...

I'm not sure why you think, Prime Minister Blair lied to you.

The notion that the UK and the US have "stirred up bad things" in the region is unfounded. 9/11 and 7/11 demonstrate that these "bad things" have been around for quite some time. In fact, terrorism and the roots of the Islamofacist movement against Western Civilization goes back to the 70's.

What is a real shame is that America waited until 9/11 to respond to the threat.

I admire your conclusion that we can't just "cut and run". However, your willingness to look to the UN for an answer is disturbing.

So far, in the UN's history, they have proven to be extremely useless as a force of protection and justice.

The scandals occuring within the UN, (i.e. "food for oil", accusations of sexual abuse of African women), that reach all the way up to Cofi Annon (sp?) speak volumes as to their worth.

Currently the two main nations of the world who are willing and capable of ensuring justice in the world is your country, the UK, and mine, the U.S.

5:46 PM  

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