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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

History In The Making

I wish to extend my father's views here on my blog because I respect him and his opinion:

"Of course I could be wrong but I say that unless the media (aka: Democrats) are able to derail Sarah Palin with some scandal or something; we have just witnessed "history in the making". It's not because she is a woman or anything else like that but, that she is a person who's time has come. I've not witnessed anything like this for many years. I've seen her in several different settings now and as I said, unless the media can stop her soon, (real soon), she will have such a head of steam that will make her unstoppable.

For instance: I saw on TV this morning that the company (in Japan) that makes her glasses are getting totally bombarded with orders for her style of eye glasses. Things like this are in my way of thinking indicative of the "sub-surface" swell that's appearing.

At this time this phenomenon is not yet well defined in that it appears to be broadbased but, I think shortly there will come a "signing on" by many, many women who will certainly cross party lines and lay claim of "ownership" to this thing. As I’ve already said: “I could be wrong” and I may be too quick to judge but I do think we’re witnessing history in the making."



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