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Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 - We Must Never, Ever Forget

American Flags today all over the United States, DoD stations, and Embassies across the world, were flown today at half-mast in memory of the worst terrorist attack against the U.S. in its 232 year history. On September 11 2001, over 3,000 innocent people were murdered in cold blood by a handful of cowardly Islamo-Fascist terrorists. America watched the whole abomination in horror on their TV screens. No American will ever forget where they were that horrible day.

That single event changed our American way of life forever.

It is thanks to God that He blessed our nation, once again, with his providential interference in our affairs to ensure that we had a President that had what it took to defend our blessed gift of liberty by stepping up to our enemy and taking the fight to them right where they live.

Despite what one may think of George W. Bush's entire presidential record at least, he had what it took to set his entire focus on ensuring that these cowardous Islamic terrorists would pay for what they had done to us, and to ensure that they would not ever, ever, get another chance to give America a black eye. It has been 7 years since that fateful day and the cowards have been utterly unable to repeat any such attack on US turf again.

The liberals and their sympathizers among us, have done nothing but whine about our "alledged abuse of civil rights" and our involvement in an "illegal war" in Iraq yet, they are utterly unable to provide any real proof of any American's civil rights being violated. They are also unable to defend the notion that taking the fight against these terrorists to their territory and away from our homeland has been a bad idea.

There are several things about the Bush Administration that have troubled me as a conserative, but I am very grateful that Bush was the President in office to deal with al Queda and their threat to our way of life. The sneering left have tried to smear Bush as being a "cowboy". I am glad that he is. In the end, it took a "cowboy" to stand up and defend the liberty that our Fore-Fathers and the great amount of Americans who laid their lives down to defend our liberty.

America is a nation of freedom that was paid for at a high cost. Those who paid that price deserve a patriot, not a lawyer, to ensure that their sacrifice was not made in vain.

Whatever history can demonstrate that George W. Bush screwed up for our nation, it will never be able to offer any evidence that he dropped the ball when it comes to the security of our great Nation against the Islamic terrorist threat against it.

No matter who wins the 2008 Presidential Election, it is extremely important that they take up George W. Bush's mantle and continue to guarantee that al Queda, or any other Islamic terrorist group has no hope of repeating 9/11 or worse on these shores ever again.

I will never forget 9/11 for as long as I live and I will ensure that my children and future grandchildren will never forget either. These Islamic-Fascist terrorists got their one shot. They will never, ever, get another ever again. In fact, it is my sincere prayer and hope that they are hunted down and destroyed to the last slobbering, demon-possessed one of them!


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Amen, brother!

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