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Monday, October 10, 2005

Will Somebody Please Escort Ms. Sarandon Back Onto The Set?

How would you like to see nothing but hurricane Katrina coverage to resume 24/7 on your favorite news channel? You’d probably respond to such a question with a resounding, no way! What a stupid question. After all, hurricane Katrina has long since died off and the task of recovery is now well underway. Besides, just what type of a person would possibly entertain such a ludicrous idea?

Well…how about the "Hollywood Idiot" type?

Activist/actress Susan Sarandon is proposing just that.

In a story found here, Ms Sarandon has decided that it is extremely important that the images of the devastation from hurricane Katrina need to be played and replayed all day long, each and every day lest we forget the plight of the poor victims.

Sarandon says, "You need to keep the press involved in the aftermath when all of those really dramatic pictures are no longer on the air, when the water drains."

She adds, "Now, at least, we're aware and America is aware about how other Americans have been living. Nobody's been paying any attention to them."

What a load of malarkey. This is just Ms. Sarandon’s attempt to show off her "compassion for the poor". Not only is it plastic, but she comes off sounding arrogant and insulting to the rest of her fellow Americans, not to mention foolish.

America is responding to the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We’ve been responding since it happened. No one is "forgetting" the victims. A great many people are working very hard, donating their time and money to help restore the lives of those who suffered such terrible losses. And they are doing all of this, without the need for 24/7 images of Hurricane Katrina on their television screens.

I’ve had the privilege to donate my time as a volunteer at some evacuee centers along with my best friend, James. And I am amazed at the compassion of Americans for each other. I’ve even witnessed fellow victims encouraging each other.

As to "seeing how other Americans have been living", we all know that there are people who live in poverty in our country. Maybe this is a new concept for Ms. Sarandon? We also see how the Hollywood crowd lives too, with their limousines, private jets, Malibu beach houses, and vacations at Club Med.

Ms. Sarandon needs to understand that people, at least in this country, pretty much live in the conditions that they will settle for. There is virtually nothing stopping anyone in this country from the pursuit of his or her happiness as long as they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to succeed.

If Ms. Sarandon really cared about poverty, she would focus on the places in the world where authentic poverty and famine exist like for instance, Africa.

What Americans usually label as poverty has more to do with a lower standing of material living rather than the actual condition of having no food to eat, no water to drink, and no shelter from the elements.

Will somebody please escort Ms. Sarandon back onto the set?

She’s right about the need for the media to continue displaying images on TV, lest we Americans forget. But she’s got the wrong images in mind. What we really need to see and make sure we all remember is 9/11. We need to focus on eliminating the murderous terrorists who want to turn America into one giant bloodbath from sea to shining sea, not on the liberals’ communist/socialist dream of ensuring that everyone has the same color house, the same number of cars, the same amount of material goods.


Blogger Lawman said...

What about the devastation caused by 9/11? Where's the coverage of that? The folks who live along the coastlines know that a major storm could be just over the horizon. The innocents in the World Trade Center had no such warning.

Where has the public outrage over three airplanes being crashed into buildings gone?

2:42 PM  

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