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Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Five years ago, this nation took a sucker punch from some evil Islamo-Fascist terrorists that changed us, and the world for that matter, for good.

I’ll never forget that day. I was TDY to Hurlburt Field AFB in Florida. I was there to attend a military training class which was pretty much one of those “death by Powerpoint” classes. The classes took place in an auditorium with three large screens that the slides were projected on. After the first part of the morning session ended, I went outside to take a smoke break. When I came back in and sat down I began watching what they were showing on the middle screen. I remember seeing the first plane hit the tower and thinking to myself that this was one of those fake news things that they sometimes showed during exercises as part of the scenario. But, when the second plane hit, I knew something was horribly wrong. I think most people did. Class resumed, and in less than a minute a bunch of Colonels were receiving pages and left the class, and they didn’t come back.

Like most people, I stayed glued to the news for the days and months that followed. We weren’t prepared for that day, but we should have been had we paid attention to the mounting hatred of us by terrorists from the Middle East dating back to at least 1979, when Iranian terrorists overran our American Embassy and held those people hostage.

Apart from the obvious disgusting murder of all of those innocent people by Islamic barbarians, what stands out to this day was the way we reacted. The heroism of those policemen and firemen, and those within the towers already, who risked death to try and rescue people from those burning towers was remarkable. We will always remember them as heroes, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

For a short time there, we as Americans put aside our ideological differences and came together as one people determined to pull ourselves together and fight back.

I can remember that a drawing by some anonymous artist that depicted a fireman in the rubble of the Twin Towers, passing the American Flag off to an armed solider was circulating throughout the Internet. It conveyed a powerful message and sentiment that moved me. Of course, there was a myriad of other visual images created in response, but that one has always stuck out in my memory.

President Bush did a remarkable job of composing himself and sending a stern message out to Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists. I can remember him pledging the pursuit of justice against those murderous cowards, and I remember his additional promise to deal with any nation that harbors terrorists as being guilty of aiding and abetting them, and therefore, a target of our military.

President Bush made good on that promise. After giving the Taliban in Afghanistan ample time to hand over Osama Bin Laden the American military invaded and toppled the Taliban driving it out of power. Since that time, our great military, along with the indispensible help from our allies, have managed to either kill or capture a large number of the al Qaeda key players. Osama bin Laden has been on the run and in hiding every since 9/11. He must now cower in hiding places for the rest of his life, because he know his days are numbered.

I firmly believe that it is no accident that George W. Bush was the President during and after the 9/11 atrocity. Say what you want about his domestic policies, (many of which I don’t agree with), he definitely has been the right man for job when it comes to our War against Islamic-Fascist Terrorists. Some complain that he is a cowboy. But a cowboy is what is needed. Ronald Reagan too, was accused of approaching issues with a cowboy mentality, and thanks to him, the Cold War ended. The Soviet Union collapsed along with its threat to the free world. I firmly believe that it is because Bush uses a no nonsense cowboy approach to our enemy that they have been beaten down and largely ineffective against the U.S.

The Islamo-Fascist terrorists, apart from successes in Madrid (where they frightened the Spanish voters into electing a leftist, therefore, no threat to al Qaeda, President, Zapatero) and London, have been largely reduced to depending on sending PSYOP messages through the media in order to achieve any success.

I hope that all Americans will reflect upon 9/11 for the next few days and recapture their resolve for justice against an enemy unlike any we’ve ever encountered before. Our enemy are a pack of bloodthirsty barbarians who are nihilistic in ideology. They have admitted that they relish death. Therefore, this is an enemy you can’t negotiate with. They are hell bent on our destruction or conversion to their backwards, barbarian plans for world society. The only thing they understand is death.

I say let’s keep our resolve, throw out the ridiculous notion that we can reason with them, quit wringing our hands over what the UN, Europe, or the rest of the world think about us, and give those demon possessed savages something they can surely understand, a dirt nap for all of them. Their date with hell couldn’t come fast enough.


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