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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whoops! Bush Didn't Lie. Innocent Didn't Die.

So much for the liberal anti-war propaganda that there wasn't any WMDs in Iraq. According to an article found here, the vials of chemicals recently found in the UN Building in New York city are phosgene, a chemical choking agent. Where did they come from? Iraq. You know that country that we were lied to by the left and told that we attacked Iraq for no legitimate reason since, Sadam Hussein didn't have any WMDs. I wonder if this will be enough for the left to admit that they were wrong, change their position and stop slandering President Bush?

I doubt it. They are too obsessed with their hatred of him. Besides, you can't reason with someone whose capacity for reason is overcome and ruled by hatred. It's also impossible to be open minded and tolerant when one is full of hatred.

Of course, the first questions that come to mind are: what were those vials of WMD doing in the UN building in New York city? How did they get there? Not only is the UN Building a waste of space on American soil, but it appears to also be a dangerous waste of space on American soil.


Blogger Obob said...

where is the storm of articles from the MSM? Silly me. You asked the right question, why were they there? Sanctuary?

8:28 AM  

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