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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Reasons I Will NOT Vote For Barack Obama...

...Besides the fact that I am a Conservative.

Let's face it, Barack Obama is a leftist. His "change" for America really amounts to a resurgence of "The Great Society", that failed socialist program of LBJ in the 1960's. If that was really what Barack Obama was about it would be bad enough. But, in reality Barack Obama is actually a Marxist. He has definite ideas about "change" for America that "we can believe in".

Except, what if we don't believe in Communism?

Do you think this is an outrageous statement?

Let's take a look at who Obama has surrounded himself with:

Rev. Wright - an Anti-America, racist, [in whose Church Obama attended for over 20 years, yet pretended that he noticed none of Rev. Wright's anti-America, racist, hate filled sermons in all of that time.]

Yeah right!

Bill Ayers - a homegrown American terrorist who has never repented of his murderous activities that he committed along with his wife, earlier in his life. In fact, he is not only, NOT sorry for what he did in his youth, but has stated that he didn't do enough! His "reformed" role is defined now by his goal as a teacher; to replace the respect for capitalism and free markets as a feature of our American economy with communism.

Tony Reso - a Chicago thug that, who is not only on his way to jail time, but who also managed to get Michelle and Barack a home at a lower rate of purchase. Talk about perks for who you associate with!

Louis Farraken - a black, Islamist racist.

Father Flayer - another anti-American activist.

ACORN - a group that has committed itself to such activist activities as trying to bully banks into submitting to Sub Prime loans to financially unqualified recipients which has directly led to the economic disaster that we are all watching occur in our economy via the stock market today. But, this crooked group hasn't stopped there. They are also involved heavily in voter fraud. Just a few days ago in Ohio, this group was revealed to have been involved with voter fraud by injecting illegal votes into the election as being by team members of the football team the Dallas Cowboys. Hmmm...

Barack would like for us all to believe that he didn't really know Bill Ayers. He was "just a person that lived in his neighborhood". Or, that Barack was only 8 yrs old when Bill Ayers and his wife were committing their acts of terrorism. The truth is that not only did he choose to associate with Bill Ayers, but that he started his campaign in Bill Ayers' own living room!

Barack also, has a problem with distancing himself from ACORN. He has represented them as a lawyer on their staff in past in court. He also participated in offering training to ACORN in the past. Also, it should be noted that Barack has never criticized ACORN. Never!


Who is Barack Obama?

Why has he surrounded himself with such terrorist, criminal, anti-American people?

These facts tend to support a second look at Barack Obama. Why should we allow him to become the Commander In Chief of our military and President of this great nation?

Speaking of "Commander In Chief"...what does he mean by his disingenuous painting of American troops in Afghanistan as "flying air raids against villages and murdering innocent women and children"? Yeah, Barack Obama would make a really great Commander in Chief.

I say we vote NO to Barack Obama. He is a Marxist tool that should never, ever, be allowed to come anywhere near the control seat of our great nation.

For those of you out there who are mesmerized by race as an issue: Barack Obama is NOT an African-American.

He is half black and half white. He is NOT an African-American!

Also, for those out there who wish to quickly point out the "color of his skin" I would present the following questions:

1. If a man is part African, part Irish, and part American Indian: how is he an African-American at the expense of the other racial factors?

To call such a man "African-American" is racist against the other racial components of who he is.

And, oh by the way, if some leftist wants to paint me as a racist for pointing this thorn in their "race baiting" side: I voted for an authentic African-American twice first, in the Republican Primary Election in 2000, and then again, in this Republican Primary Election. I voted for Alan Keyes both times!

America doesn't need Barack Obama. In fact, if we are going to survive as a nation, it would be best for us if we voted him, and his ilk, out of the political arena.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where's Your Microphone?*

[This post is an agnostic political post. The points made here apply equally to all politically minded constituents. It's not just about Conservatives or Republicans, nor Liberals or Democrats, nor Libertarains or Independants.]

The purpose of this post is to serve as a wake up call to all American citizens. Do you all really believe that you have a voice in our government today?

Actually, you don’t.

Those civic minded Americans have already learned that writing to your congressman is futile. All that you receive back is a “form letter” that pretty much thanks you for your concern and your concern for your country without ever really addressing the concerns that you have outlined in your letter.

You see, in reality you don’t have a direct line to your representative in Washington DC. What you will quickly discover is that there is an extra layer between you and your representative in Congress. This person decides what actually gets forwarded to the congressman and what gets the “form letter” treatment.

In other words, our representatives have hijacked our Constitution. They have pretty much ensured that this no longer a: "nation of the people, by the people".

Of course, the patent response to this treatment is along these lines: “well, if your congressman doesn’t perform along your expectations you can always vote him or her out of office." There is a problem with this solution.

To quote the British rock band, The Who, from the lyrics of one of their songs: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...”.

Yes, I am claiming that within the beltway, there is a plot to ensure that all that enter those sacred hallways remain in power; no matter what the cost. And of course, most Americans just deal with that. Some don’t even vote, consoling themselves with such nonsense as: “My vote doesn’t count anyway, due to the existence of the Electoral College”, or “all politicians on all sides are corrupt, so what is the point?”

Unfortunately, the joke is on these types of citizens, as the void created by the lack of their voice just benefits the power hungry politicians across the Potomac River.

The practical upshot of all of this is that those in Washington DC have usurped the Constitution. This government, according to the Constitution, is supposed to be “of the people, by the people”.

Now, we are at the point where the people actually don’t have any real voice in government. All we have is “form letters”, and just more of the same when we do vote out incumbents and vote in new blood.

My father has a new idea.

We live in the “Internet Age”. We live in the “Information Age”.

So, why don’t we utilize this?

Why don’t we demand that our representatives poll their constituents via e-mail and paper ballots, for those that aren’t on-line, as to what they think about the proposed legislation passing through Congress?

Why aren’t our representatives trying to discern what their constituents want? Isn’t this why they were elected?

Our elected representatives should be answerable to their constituency regardless of what party you come from! They definitely should not be allowed to pursue political power in Washington DC!!

“We The People” should be calling the shots with respect to our government. That is the fundamental basis behind the Constitution and our Federal Government. If we wish to retain a voice in our liberty, then we should demand a fundamental change in how Washington DC responds to us.

If we don’t react to this affront to our Constitutional rights then, we deserve the usurpation of our freedom that was bought and paid for at a great price!

Our congressmen should be bound to vote along the lines of what the majority of their constituents want. The Internet and even "snail mail" should be providing them with their "marching orders". Not only would this idea give the average American citizen the voice, the microphone, that they need but, it would also inspire the apathetic citizen to finally get involved in their civic duty. I am a firm believer that voting is much more than your right. It is your civic duty!

I believe that if the average citizen actually had a chance to make her or his voice heard, their apathy would disappear, and they would be energized to actually participate in our civic duties as citizens to actually ensure that the federal government responded to "The People", as the Constituton says it should be.

* [This is not my own ideas with respect to the idea that our representatives should open up the Internet and paper ballots to constituents to determine what the majority want. My father is the one who pointed this out to me in a converstion a couple of days ago.]