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Monday, October 24, 2005

Not One American Life More! Ok, Four More Is Ok. But Not Five More American Lives!

Libertarian talk radio host, Neal Boortz posted the following on his web site today, and it is telling about the hypocrisy of "Saint Cindy" and the anti-war left who pretend to be all about the welfare of our troops:


The anti-war left has finally let it slip...they've shown their true colors about what their agenda is, and if you didn't read between the lines, you might miss it. Here goes. The Crawford Crackpot Cindy Sheehan, along with other Bush-bashing protest groups are gearing up for the 2,000th American Military casualty in Iraq. The only problem?

They're a little short. As of yesterday, the death toll stands at 1,996. Cindy Sheehan says she plans to tie herself to the White House fence and refuse to leave until the troops are brought home. But for Crazy Cindy to activate her plans, she needs 4 more troops to die. And thus the entire agenda of the anti-war movement is exposed: their political agenda is only served by U.S. Military casualties and setbacks. Good news in Iraq is bad news for them. They are an extension of the Blame-America-First crowd.

Nowhere in the media statements of Cindy Sheehan does she say that she hopes there won't be a 2000th casualty. If that doesn't happen, she's out of a job. And of course, it's all about her. So what happens if no more troops die? That wouldn't be good for Cindy. She needs 4 more lives to be lost to achieve her next big round of media attention.

These groups claim to be worried about the welfare of troops serving in Iraq. But yet they just can't wait for that 2000th soldier to die...they'd probably speed the process up if they could.

The Anti-War Movement's mouthpiece has managed to reveal the real truth about these traitorous leeches, and that is, that the worth of the American GI in Iraq depends upon what anti-government position these anti-Americans are taking at the time. It seems that for "Saint Cindy", four more Caseys would suit her and her cause just fine.

Let's compare and contrast shall we?

"Each one was a valuable human life, ... Each one was an indispensable member of his or her family, not playthings for the people who lust for greed and power." - Cindy Sheehan

[except for the four more needed to supply "Saint Cindy" with the 2000 American deaths that equal a quagmire validity of her ridiculous, shameful stance.]

"I know my son, and I know he would say, 'I don't want any more of my buddies killed just because I'm dead.I want my buddies to come home alive'." - Cindy Sheehan

[Ok, just four of her son's buddies need to "take one for the anti-U.S. team".]

"Why would I want one more mother -- either Iraqi or American -- to go through what I'm going through? I don't want him to justify my son's honorable sacrifice to continue his murderous killing policies."

["Saint Cindy" does however, require at least four more American mothers to "go through what she went through" to support her movement's hatred for Bush and apparently the men and women of our Armed Forces under President Bush's command.]

Crazy Cindy is doing a really good job of exposing the hypocrisy and the real motives behind the anti-war, "Peace Movement" in this country.

Keep it up Cindy. You're doing a good job. You are effectively demonstrating the reason why the left's position is a loony one, not to mention one that breathes hatred for the men and women who defend the very liberty that neither she nor the anti-war, left don't deserve to enjoy.

The anti-war, useful idiots like Cindy Sheehan and her followers are brave enough to shout their idiotic, hypocritical rants at the top of their lungs, but are too much of gutless cowards to actually put their money where their mouth is and leave this country that they obviously have so much disdain for.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh Yeah, You Can Trust Us. We Definately Care About Animal Rights.

The Right Of Animals To Be Poisoned And Have Their Carcasses Dumped Into The Nearest Garbage Dumpster!!!!

Well, well, well. The truth finally comes about regarding the liberal animal rights group PETA.

It seems that the group of animal rights activists, who want everyone to know how extremely important animals are, and that they care about them more than the average insensitive human being are nothing but a bunch of frauds.

It is typical for a liberal group to make the arrogant claim that "only they are concerned" and therefore far superior to the average person, only this time, thank God, the truth about this group of false "animal lovers" has been finally revealed.

Obviously, turning an unwanted animal over to PETA’s care, with the expectation that the animal is "in the best of hands" with people who know how to care about the animal’s needs, can lead to disastrous consequences.

If you have ever wondered about the people who followed PETA’s insane rants. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of person could possibly be attracted to PETA’s absurd, embarrassing positions regarding animals. Well, now you know. The kind of person who loves to kill animals and dump their carcasses in garbage dumpsters is the kind of person who is attracted to PETA.

That’s right. Animals who aren’t being overdosed and thrown into the trash aren’t being properly cared for. Shame on the rest of us for not seeing it for ourselves!

In all seriousness, the lesson here is, beware those who arrogantly claim to have "the corner of the market" on compassion, or anything else for that matter. Usually it is just a matter of time before their "skirts are lifted to reveal their nakedness" and they are exposed as the hypocrites and liars that they really are. The arrogant claims are used to cover up a real agenda that would not be acceptable to the average citizen if he or she knew it.

Which, now begs the question. What exactly is PETA’s real mission?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

How May I Help You? or ¿Cómo puedo ayudarle? or Comment est-ce que je peux vous aider ? or Come posso aiutarlo? or Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?

Here’s a good example of typical liberal wrong-headedness. It seems like the concerned folks of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission have decided that a sign posted by a tavern owner informing clientele that they must speak English in order to receive service is a grave civil rights violation.

After all:

Ohio law says it is unlawful for any proprietor of a place of public accommodation to deny the full enjoyment of the accommodations based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or ancestry.

The commission said the English-only rule serves no purpose other than to discriminate against non-English speaking individuals.

What? There is a large difference between barring a person from entering an establishment based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin etc. and allowing anyone in, but expecting them to speak English.

For the benefit of those mentally challenged idiots that comprise the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and others who are like-minded, it should be pointed out that English is the native language of this country.

The tavern owner, and all store owners across this country have every right to speak English. Foreigners have no right, whatsoever, of expecting American businesses to invest in language training to accommodate their native language. In fact, these whining foreigners who expect Americans to suspend their language and bend over backward to accommodate their language of choice come from countries who make no attempt whatsoever to speak to American tourists in English.

If you go to Spain, you are expected to speak Spanish if you wish to shop. If you visit France, you are expected to learn and converse with French people in French. If you go to Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina etc. you will have to speak Spanish. This is all very reasonable. So why are some Americans expecting America to start operating in such an absurd, unreasonable fashion?

The Ohio Civil Rights Commission has even less of a case than any whining foreigner in this country to expect that tavern owner to pay for foreign language training for his employees.

Even if we were to take such a ludicrous stance seriously, it would be highly impractical to expect every employee in every business in America today to be fluent in every language in the world. I’m willing to wager that the imposition of such an expectation would result in a serious deficiency in employees for taverns, grocery stores, retail stores, and other businesses throughout this country.

If you think requiring employees to be fluent in every language spoken on Earth is ridiculous, you'd be right. But this is the logical conclusion of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission's stance.

The Commission's stance that requiring a customer to make his or her requests in English in order to receive service is wrong, implies that the worker behind the counter must be prepared to speak whatever language a foreign customer happens to speak or be guilty of trampling over that customer's civil rights. Or, is the Commission advocating that the business allow the foreign customer into the tavern, store etc and then just ignore them?

Here’s what someone from the Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) organization, who are the liberal idiots who brought the complaint to the Commission in the first place, says:

"I really think it's an affront to Hispanic families in the area, and I'm glad that the commission agreed that it's illegal discrimination," said Elizabeth Brown, HOME's executive director.

What about the affront to American businesses in the area who are expected to ensure that their employees are trained to speak fluent Spanish, when English is the language spoken in America?

Hispanics and all other foreigners are more than welcome here in America. One of the reasons that America is so great is because of the contributions that foreigners have made. In fact, America is a nation of foreigners. But for a foreigner to come from a country that makes no exceptions with respect to the language spoken there to expect their new country, America to do so is hypocritical.

If you want to live in America, learn to speak English. It’s not the job of Americans to learn your native language.

As for HOME and the Ohio Civil Rights Commision, why don’t they go to Mexico, demand that Mexican shop owners require their employees to speak fluent English, and see how far they get.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Will Somebody Please Escort Ms. Sarandon Back Onto The Set?

How would you like to see nothing but hurricane Katrina coverage to resume 24/7 on your favorite news channel? You’d probably respond to such a question with a resounding, no way! What a stupid question. After all, hurricane Katrina has long since died off and the task of recovery is now well underway. Besides, just what type of a person would possibly entertain such a ludicrous idea?

Well…how about the "Hollywood Idiot" type?

Activist/actress Susan Sarandon is proposing just that.

In a story found here, Ms Sarandon has decided that it is extremely important that the images of the devastation from hurricane Katrina need to be played and replayed all day long, each and every day lest we forget the plight of the poor victims.

Sarandon says, "You need to keep the press involved in the aftermath when all of those really dramatic pictures are no longer on the air, when the water drains."

She adds, "Now, at least, we're aware and America is aware about how other Americans have been living. Nobody's been paying any attention to them."

What a load of malarkey. This is just Ms. Sarandon’s attempt to show off her "compassion for the poor". Not only is it plastic, but she comes off sounding arrogant and insulting to the rest of her fellow Americans, not to mention foolish.

America is responding to the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We’ve been responding since it happened. No one is "forgetting" the victims. A great many people are working very hard, donating their time and money to help restore the lives of those who suffered such terrible losses. And they are doing all of this, without the need for 24/7 images of Hurricane Katrina on their television screens.

I’ve had the privilege to donate my time as a volunteer at some evacuee centers along with my best friend, James. And I am amazed at the compassion of Americans for each other. I’ve even witnessed fellow victims encouraging each other.

As to "seeing how other Americans have been living", we all know that there are people who live in poverty in our country. Maybe this is a new concept for Ms. Sarandon? We also see how the Hollywood crowd lives too, with their limousines, private jets, Malibu beach houses, and vacations at Club Med.

Ms. Sarandon needs to understand that people, at least in this country, pretty much live in the conditions that they will settle for. There is virtually nothing stopping anyone in this country from the pursuit of his or her happiness as long as they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to succeed.

If Ms. Sarandon really cared about poverty, she would focus on the places in the world where authentic poverty and famine exist like for instance, Africa.

What Americans usually label as poverty has more to do with a lower standing of material living rather than the actual condition of having no food to eat, no water to drink, and no shelter from the elements.

Will somebody please escort Ms. Sarandon back onto the set?

She’s right about the need for the media to continue displaying images on TV, lest we Americans forget. But she’s got the wrong images in mind. What we really need to see and make sure we all remember is 9/11. We need to focus on eliminating the murderous terrorists who want to turn America into one giant bloodbath from sea to shining sea, not on the liberals’ communist/socialist dream of ensuring that everyone has the same color house, the same number of cars, the same amount of material goods.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Our Evil, "Great Satan" Hearts Go Out to the Victims of the Earthquake in South East Asia.

What a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Somewhere between 20 to 30,000 deaths were expected in Pakistan alone following yesterday’s horrible earthquake that affected Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The US military has sent 8 military choppers to Pakistan with supplies.

Here are some pertinent observations:

1. Much prayer should be offered toward the welfare of all victims involved.

2. Despite our own tragedies here in the US, we will, once again rise to the occasion and extend our generous help towards all of the victims affected by this horrible earthquake, despite their views of our nation – just as we should.

Now for some questions:

1. Do you suppose it has occurred, or will occur to the people of Pakistan that there is the obvious lack of celebratory noise in the streets of America as Americans fail to celebrate the Pakistanis’ loss with shouts of glee and praise to God?

2. What will be the next idiotic statement from al Qaeda regarding "Allah’s will" behind the earthquake? Considering the track record of those demon-possessed murderers, (who not only murder Christians, Jews, and Westerners but also target fellow Muslims), they will more than likely assert that the Pakistanis somehow deserve it. This, even though the people of Pakistan, for the most part, see Osama bin Laden as a great hero. After all, they demonstrated their blind allegience to him and his army of murderous vermin via their "street party" in praise of Allah right after 9/11.

America, the world’s most hated nation, proves once again, just how far it is above the rest of the jealous, bickering nations of the world in its capacity for compassion and aid, even when she herself is trying to recover from natural tragedies of her own.

May God continue to bless America for her compassion. Love makes up for a multitude of sins.

May the misguided Pakistanis and others in the South East Asia who have pledged their alligience to al-Qaeda and their Satan's puppet leader, Osama bin Laden, finally find God for themselves.

May God be praised for his great mercy and even greater compassion!

He is not the impotent, bloodthirsty deity who demands severed heads and bombs exploding in the market place as offerings that the terrorist vermin would have us believe that He is.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Alert! Yet Another Hollywood Star Has Wandered Off The Set.

Former star from the movie "M*A*S*H", Donald Sutherland has joined the ranks of Hollywood idiots out there, who seem to shine on the silver screen, but off-screen tend to come across like bumbling idiots.

This Drudge Report says it all:



Choking back tears, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF star Donald Sutherland warned this week: President Bush "will destroy our lives!"

The star of the new ABC drama, which follows the first woman President of the United States, lashed out at the real White House during a dramatic sit down interview with the BBC.

Sutherland ripped Bush and his administration for the war and Hurricane Katrina fallout.

"They were inept. The were inadequate to the task, and they lied," Sutherland charged."

And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

At one point during the session, Sutherland started crying: "We stolen our children's future... We have children. We have children. How dare we take their legacy from them. How dare we. It's shameful. What we are doing to our world."

Sutherland went on rip Karl Rove's "methods and means" against people like Cindy Sheehan."

We're back to burning books in Germany," Sutherland said of NBC's editing out of Kanye West's comment on Bush during a hurricane relief telethon.


There you have it.

Poor Mr. Sutherland. Without a script to follow, he is nothing more than a sniveling, sobbing, incoherent idiot.

How useful he is to the left remains to be seen.